Adam Kennedy
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 218 lbs
Hometown:  Kansas City, Missouri

Catchphrase:  “TWOO!!”

In 1996, Adam Kennedy witnessed an epic professional wrestling event.  From that moment, he knew he wanted to become a part of that world one way or the other.  After reading an article about world-renowned professional referee John Cone – who, like Adam, is from Kansas City – he decided to become a referee.  Eager to jump in, Adam began to referee independent wrestling immediately.  Soon he discovered the Xtreme Wrestling Center, where he has honed his craft.

Now, “AK” is the Senior Official at KCXW, and at every event you will find him keeping order in his ring.  Indeed, every wrestler who competes for KCXW quickly learns that it’s Kennedy’s ring, and they’re just visiting.  He sometimes takes lip from wrestlers who don’t like the speed of his count, but to a man every KCXW athlete knows that Kennedy will call the match down the middle and never play favorites.  Come up short with your finisher and you’re likely to hear AK say “That’s TWOO!!”

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