Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Signatures: Circuit Breaker

Adrian Surge has left many broken bodies lying in professional wrestling rings across the Midwest. Tall, powerful, and insanely cunning, Surge seems born to wreak havoc. Now in KCXW, he has found a new roster to decimate.

With an arsenal of devastating power moves, a savage strike, and a knack for torturous holds, Adrian Surge appears to be more interested in causing pain than winning championship gold. But don't be fooled – Surge is as ambitious as he is vicious. He would love nothing more than to someday strap a KCXW belt to his waist. The more foes he piles up in the meantime, the better.

Since joining the KCXW ranks, Surge has wasted no time claiming the ring as his own with some big wins. He joined Hollis Giroux's Serpents for the 2017 Season of Xcellence, for whom he has earned points with a win over lucha star Fuego del Sol and a tag team victory with Giroux over Kyle King and Captain Shabam. But Surge is just getting started. Wherever he goes, Adrian Surge is ready put the Lights Out.