Alex Gutrot

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 190 lbs

Hometown: Oakland, California

Signature: Package Piledriver


When you learn everything you know about fighting from the gangs of Oakland, you are not going to be very gentlemanly about it.  As a poor kid on the streets of northern California, Alex was drawn to the gutter-punk lifestyle.  But even gutter-punks have to eat, so, he needed a way to make some money.  He decided to do it the only way he knew how:  by fighting for it. 


Now, Alex is using his fighting skills to earn his pay as a professional wrestler.  In his time with KCXW, his roster mates have learned to always be ready for a fight, and to always watch their backs.  Alex won’t blame you for thinking he wrestles dirty.  He’s not out to prove anything or impress anybody, and he certainly isn’t looking to make friends.  Alex Gutrot wrestles for the money.  Getting to hurt people is a nice bonus.

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