Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 295 lbs
Hometown: Fordham Road in the Bronx
Signatures: Wigsplitter

“The Kingpin” Angel Medina is no stranger to Xtreme. While he’s most readily recognized from his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling with Da Baldies, Angel has continued to carve a path in the wrestling world since that time. He’s dominated competition in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Japan with his physical and hardcore offense, and now he’s brought it to KCXW.

Angel has shown he’ll go to any lengths to beat his opponent, whether it be a mountain of chairs or soliciting help from the entire front row in the form of Fan Chops. Between his no nonsense attitude and his imposing demeanor, The Kingpin has certainly left his mark in KCXW.

In 2016, Medina was captain of the Season of Xcellence team The Street Kings, who finished in 3rd place.  He dominated in singles, tag, and triple-threat matches all year long as he set the tone for his team as a force to be reckoned with.  Though he didn’t come out on top, Angel proved once and for all that he is King of the Streets.