Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 240lbs
Released from the Dogg Pound
Signatures: "The Rabies Shot”

Every yard has its dog, and Bigg Dogg is the alpha dog of KCXW.  Swinging the chain that once held him down, he is a formidable presence, inspiring to his fans and imposing to his foes.  His capture of the Great Plains Wrestling Heavyweight Title in 2015 cemented his status as a main event contender no matter who he faces.

After getting his first taste of KCXW, Bigg Dogg returns to Kansas City looking to take a bite out of his competition and lead a brand new pack.  Bigg Dogg never backs down and he never gives up in the face of a challenge, and he always leaves his opponents in need of The Rabies Shot.  This is one dog whose bite is just as bad as his bark. 

In the 2016 Season of Xcellence, Bigg Dogg was captain of The Pack before suffering an injury at the hands of “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin.  He came back with a vengeance in 2017, making it to the semifinals of the eight-man Kansas City Champion Tournament and showing KCXW fans and competitors once again that you can’t keep a Bigg Dogg down.