Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 245 lbs
Hometown: Quincy, Massachusetts
Signatures: Breaking Out
Evans Bomb

In the professional wrestling world, it takes a lot of smashed heads and broken backs to earn the name “Brutal”. For twenty-five years, Bob Evans has been proving all over the country that he is as brutal as they come. With time spent in organizations all over the country, including WWE and Ring of Honor, and multiple championships won in both singles and tag team competition,Evans has earned a reputation as a stellar ring tactician, manager and trainer. A tenacious and tireless competitor, Evans competed in the grueling Iron Week, in which he wrestled a sixty-minute Iron Man match every day for seven days. Everybody that knows anything about professional wrestling knows that “Brutal” Bob Evans is a man deserving of respect.

As a trainer, “Brutal” Bob has made it his mission to pass on his ring experience to fellow wrestlers and managers across the country. At his “Hangs with Bob” seminars, Evans takes his disciples through the ropes and teaches them how to be their best – not just fancy moves, but the best mentality to survive and thrive in the ring. The motto of Bob’s students has become “Hangs with Bob, gets better”, and Evans truly leaves wrestlers in every town better than when he found them!

With his KCXW debut at Takeover II in August 2016, Bob Evans has found an Xtreme home for his Brutal ways. After participating in arguably the greatest match in KCXW history, a grueling epic against Kyle King, Evans is always eager to step in the ring against the best KCXW has to offer.Evans is one of the top wrestlers and trainers in the country, both imposingly powerful and as cunning as they come. A match with Evans will put the toughest and smartest wrestlers through a devastating ordeal. It is not always easy for “Brutal” Bob to find worthy opponents, but at KCXW, Bob knows there will always be an Xtreme match waiting for him!