Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 130 lbs
Hometown: Centropolis, MO
Signatures: Wheelbarrow Facebuster
                     Arm Trap Flatliner
                     Cartwheel Powerbomb
                     Butterfly Suplex

Captain Shabam was discovered in the heart of Kansas City, which he refers to as “Centropolis”.  A self­-proclaimed defender of “Truth, Justice, and Equality”, The Captain is there to stand tall for those who can’t, and he never backs down from a challenge.  His speed and agility, combined with his quick wit, allow him to out-maneuver and outsmart his larger opponents to secure the victory.  

Captain Shabam's professional wrestling career started off with a bang in 2015.  He has traveled throughout the Great Plains area securing contracts in several promotions.  But if there is Truth, Justice, and Equality to fight for in KCXW, Captain Shabam will be there.

2016 was a storybook year for Captain Shabam.  As captain of The Force in the Season of Xcellence, he led and inspired his team to win after improbable win, securing a second-place finish and a spot in the hearts of every KCXW fan.  In 2017, Shabam participated in the eight-man Kansas City Champion Tournament, once again coming in second after going down to JC Thunder in the finals.  Shabam is more confident than ever that he can rise to the top in KCXW, and he’s not afraid to face men three times his size to get there.