Cornelius Wyverstone

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 220 lbs

Hometown: The Wyverstone Circus

Signature: Echo Drop



Cornelius Wyverstone grew up the son of the owner of the Wyverstone Circus.  But he was not allowed to perform in the circus as a child.  Instead, Cornelius’s job was to help the performers with their needs.  One fateful day, Cornelius met “The Fire Spitter”, a new performer in the circus.  He never learned her name, but they quickly became friends.  When she introduced Cornelius to the world of professional wrestling, he was immediately smitten with both the girl and the sport.  When his father learned where he and the girl were disappearing to every weekend, he was furious.  He considered wrestling to be barbaric, and beneath the circus – and certainly beneath the Wyverstones.  He banished The Fire Spitter from the circus and forbid Cornelius from attending anymore wrestling matches.  But Cornelius could not forget those wonderful times watching wrestling with The Fire Spitter.  When he became old enough to perform in the Wyverstone Circus, he chose instead to forsake his father and become a professional wrestler.


Now Cornelius wrestles in KCXW, where he finally lives the life of an entertainer.  With his athleticism, tenacity, and daredevil wrestling style, Cornelius’s fans and opponents can guess that he has the circus in his blood.  He puts his all into every match, in hopes that The Fire Spitter or his father is there to see.  More than anything else, even a championship, Cornelius hopes to someday find the girl he lost, and to prove to his father that wrestling is what he was born to do.