Hypeman Pinky

Hypeman Pinky

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hometown: Ravetown, Missouri

Catchphrase: "There is no party like a #HYPEJUICEPARTY, because a #HYPEJUICEPARTY never stops!"
"So dope!"


The man known as Hypeman Pinky has been a wrestling fan all his life, but nobody ever thought he stood a chance in the ring. So, heput his passion and smarts to use as a manager.Pinky has a lot to prove, but KCXW's youngest manager he is an unrelenting ball of contagious energy and he will never rest until one of his wrestlers wears a championship belt. He has wasted no time helping wrestlers like Juno Granger, Shannon Reed, and Cornelius Wyverstone succeed. For the Hypeman, it is only a matter of time.

Since no one can hype like Hypeman Pinky, it's only fair that the final words come from the man himself:

"It's ya boy – Hypeman Pinky! I've come to KCXW to take over! Now, looking at me, you're thinking 'Woah – that little guy is gonna take over? He probably couldn't take a cheeseburger out of a drive-thru window!' Well… you're right!I've only been in a few scuffles in my life, and I wish just once I would have come out on top.But I've always been very enthusiastic and passionate about professional wrestling, and that surprises a lot of people. It's my dream and my goal to help other people and to make a difference. With my contagious party attitude, and with the help of my very-own self-patented liquid #HYPEJUICE, I'm taking somebody all the way to the top of the KCXW roster, and we will become THE KCXW Kansas City Champion! Then all the KCXW fans will know and understand that there is NO PARTY like a HYPEJUICE PARTY, because a HYPEJUICE PARTY never stops!"