J. Savage

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 175 lbs

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Signature: Savage Slam



J. Savage was not what you’d call a born wrestler.  A meek child with little hint of athletic ability, anyone would be forgiven for not seeing a future professional wrestler when they saw J. Savage.  But from the moment he was introduced to wrestling, he was hooked.  He loved the athleticism, 

the power, the drama.  He knew then that more than anything he wanted to be a wrestler.  Fortunately for Savage, what he lacked in natural-born talent and ability he made up for in pure grit, determination, and an undying willingness to work as hard as it takes.

Years later, through consistent training, J. Savage has found himself in KCXW as a professional wrestler.   He thrives on the mat, punishing his opponents with power and hard-learned technique.  He is one of KCXW’s most powerful competitors, but he has developed a reputation as a relentless competitor who has the moves to match his strength.  But ask J. Savage his secret, and he will tell you that the true turning point was when he learned to tap into the Savage inside.

Savage got a late start in 2016, but he quickly earned the respect of his opponents and the love of KCXW fans.  As a late addition to Season of Xcellence winners The Stranglers, Savage contributed some key victories on his way to glory.  Now, Savage has his sights set on more gold in the very near future.