Johnny Rocco

Height: 6’ 4”

Weight: 195 lbs

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Signatures: The Green Light


If Johnny Rocco wasn’t born a fighter, then his life on the hostile streets certainly made him one.  Growing up the black sheep of a tough family in a tough city taught Johnny how to survive and thrive no matter how high the cards were stacked against him.  In time, not only did he learn to fight, he learned to like it.  By the time he was grown, Johnny was the king of his streets.


After he conquered his neighborhood, Johnny decided to take his skills to the ring as a professional wrestler.  Now in the KCXW ranks, he embraces any opportunity to show why he is the toughest competitor in town.  Tall and quick with a powerful strike, once Johnny gets rolling he is hard to stop.  And when he puts his foe in his Green Light finisher, their light goes out.