Leo D’Auria

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 205 lbs

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Signature: Cement Boots



As far back as he can remember, Leo D’Auria has put two things above all others:  his family name, and professional wrestling.  Leo learned from a young age that to be a D’Auria means to work hard for everything you’ve got.  Watching his heroes in the ring, he knew in his heart that they worked hard too, and that more than anything he wanted to be one of them.  Nothing was ever handed to Leo - his training was intense, and he was often alone.  But just scraping by is never good enough for the D’Aurias, so Leo made a promise that he will never be satisfied just by becoming a professional wrestler.  He will never quit until he is the best in the world, on wrestling’s biggest stages.

Leo’s work ethic, dedication and passion have landed him in KCXW, where he is a rising star in both singles and tag team competition.  Leo is a relentless competitor, from his first strike to his opponent-burying Cement Boots finisher.  At each event, a new victim learns that “Leo D.” never rests, he never quits, and he’ll never take the easy way.  After all, he is a D’Auria.

Leo’s never-quit attitude served him well in 2016.  A member of The Stranglers in the Season of Xcellence, he fought tooth-and-nail to help his team earn the coveted title of Team Xcellence.  Leo was a part of some of the most jaw-dropping moments of the year, culminating in a highlight-filled match against J. Savage at the final event.