Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 250 lbs
Hometown: Liberty, Missouri
Signatures: Swanton Bomb

Sporting a rainbow of colors, a shock of wild hair, outrageous face paint, and even different-colored eyes, Liam Power stands out even in a wrestling ring. Appearance is not the only unorthodox thing about him; for his size, Liam is incredibly agile. As comfortable on the top of a turnbuckle as any cruiserweight, Liam is at his happiest when he is flying. As positive as he is all the time, that is really saying something.

Power grew up loving all forms of art and entertainment, from music to theatre. But as the grandson of Kansas City wrestler Floyd LaVerne Post, Power's first love was always destined to be professional wrestling. Earning a place on the KCXW roster has given Liam his chance to shine, and he never takes for granted that he is living his dream every day. He hopes that every time he steps in the ring he inspires others to follow their aspirations.

Liam had some huge shoes to fill in the 2017 Season of Xcellence, taking the place of 2016 Season MVP The Marksman in The Stranglers. But under the tutelage of teammates Kyle King, Leo D'Auria, J. Savage, and El Campion, Liam has made a splash early and continues to impress as one of KCXW's standout young stars.