Professor Crippel

Professor Crippel

Hometown: Cripple Creek, Colorado

Catchphrase: Professor Crippel never says the same thing twice


Professor Crippel has loved sports his entire life. He enjoyed the displays of athleticism, but he was most infatuated with the strategy involved. He studied everything he could to master the mental aspects of every sport, especially his favorite: professional wrestling. But as much as he learned, it could never be more than theory – Professor Crippel was born without the use of his legs. He could never play sports or wrestle with the other kids, and he hated them for it. But along with his bitterness came an overwhelming desire to find his way into the world of professional wrestling one way or another. He studied harder than ever, watching all the wrestling he could from all eras. He learned what moves were best for wrestlers of all sizes, how to counter every move, and especially how to get into an opponent's head. Eventually, his desire and knowledge led him to earn the world's first PhD in professional wrestling.

Now, his lifetime of hard work has led Professor Crippel to KCXW as a manager, where he puts his knowledge to work on behalf of his wrestlers. Even in a wheelchair, he is an immense presence at ringside, shouting commands at his wrestlers and insults at the referee and fans in his trademark suit and silver hat. Never one to mince words, if there's one thing Professor Crippel likes to talk about more than professional wrestling, it's that he is always the smartest man inside and out of the ring.