Shannon Reed

Height: 6’ 0”

Weight: 340 lbs

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Signature: Reed Awakening


Shannon Reed was not always the biggest guy around.  As a child, he was picked on by older, bigger kids.  His favorite escape from the hardships of his youth was watching professional wrestling, and he loved it.  But he hated the bullies of wrestling – the ones who cheated and ganged up on people.  He promised himself that if he ever got the chance to be a professional wrestler, he was going to make those bullies pay.


Shannon followed his dream, and now he is one of the most physically imposing and hard-hitting wrestlers in KCXW.  He is no longer afraid of anybody, but he will never forget where he came from.  He has made good on his promise to fight for those in need, and he never backs down from a fight with a bully.  Now a family man, Shannon wrestles to put food on the table, and his ultimate goal is to someday make his family proud by winning a championship.  In the meantime, “The Bully-smasher” will always look out for those who need a helping hand.  When the bullies of KCXW hear “REED THIS!” they know that their day of reckoning has come.