Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 200 lbs
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Signatures: Cobra Clutch

As man who thrives on controversy, David Cattin has never been one to fade into the shadows.  Initially trained in 2001, “Smooth as Satin” got his start right here in the Kansas City area. He traveled the country, making his mark as a versatile wrestler with a specialty in hardcore.  Circumstances, however, would force David to take a leave of absence from the ring just as his star was shining brightest.

Now, David has made his return to professional wrestling. He’s taken the skills and tricks he picked up from his years on the road and formed the Xtreme Wrestling Center in Kansas City, where he trains the next generation of wrestlers with his unique, hard hitting, no-compromise style.  With a renewed purpose and a smoother attitude, “Smooth as Satin” looks to etch his name into Midwest wrestling history. 


To the frustration of many, Cattin found himself at the center of attention throughout much of 2016.  Besides usurping the title of captain of The Pack during the Season of Xcellence, Cattin feuded with much of the KCXW roster, and even President Jordan Smiley himself.  Cattin made many enemies in 2016, and it’s a wonder he is still able to stand and walk.  In 2017 he earned a place in the eight-man Kansas City Champion Tournament, where he was eliminated in the first round.  But the Satin Standard has been set, and Cattin will spend the near future making sure that KCXW lives up to it.

David Cattin