The Sarge


Hometown: Miramar, California

Catchphrase: “Locked and loaded!”


No one was surprised when The Sarge enlisted in the Marine Corps.  After all, coming from a family of veterans taught him the importance of honor and patriotism from an early age, and they are values he has carried with him his entire life.  In the Marines, and later in the Army National Guard, The Sarge learned that hard work and a lot of heart will always triumph over pure strength.  He also learned that the best way to inspire people and build them up is through motivation, not intimidation.


A lifelong fan of professional wrestling, The Sarge grew tired of the heels and their managers winning by cheating and fighting dirty.  Out of the service, he became determined to bring his brand of positive leadership and motivation to the wrestling world so he could level the playing field for the underdogs.  His quest has led him to KCXW, where as a manager he inspires his wrestlers to fight hard but fair, to be honorable, and to someday be champions.  It has not taken long for his opponents to learn that The Sarge and his men always come to the ring “locked and loaded”!