Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 230 lbs
From: Dropped off by the short bus.
Signatures: “Waterhead” Double Arm DDT

For over fifteen years, Tommy Snow has been known throughout the
independent circuit for his totally unpredictable and humerous brand
of wrestling. A tough as nails underdog, Tommy has won multiple tag
team championships and several hardcore championships in crazy,
insane, and often bloody matches. He once laid claim to the IWA
Production’s Heavyweight title for over a year, as well as the NWA­SWF
Texas Championship.

Tommy gives a lot to the community and youth, having coached inner
city youth wrestling for over 10 years and recently having the
privilege to be a trainer at the Xtreme Wrestling Center. His ability
to overcome struggles and continue competing in the ring have earned
him national news articles and Northeast Kansas media. Now that Tommy
has found his way to KCXW, no one can know what will happen next!