Video Production Manager–An opportunity to be part of the exciting world of professional wrestling.

We are a growing professional wrestlingpromotion based in Kansas City that offers the unique experience of being a part of the sports entertainment business.

The Company: Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling (KCWX) is a premiere pro wrestling promotion in Kansas Citythat has been running shows for the past four years and is known for entertaining and exciting our fans with great storytelling and action.
  • We run a PG-13 show that appeals to children and adults alike.
  • Our mission is to create an engaging experience for families through exciting action and storytelling.
The Position: We're looking for aVideo Production Manager. The pay will be on a per show basis.
  • We offer the opportunity to work with high tech video streaming equipment.
  • Manage the video streaming production that will help introduce our product outside the Kansas City area.
  • Good videographer skills.
  • An understanding of live video streaming technology.
  • Good management skills.
  • Equipment setup and tear down.
  • Running streaming equipment.
  • Uploading videos and running streaming site

The Location: KCXWis based in Kansas City, MO with our training school XWC based out of Raytown, MO. We run our shows out the Ararat Shiners Event Center in Kansas City MO.

Why Should You Apply?
  • Great learning experience
  • Good opportunity for further exposure and have your works be seen around the world.
  • Continuous works. We have three shows left this year with more shows being setup for 2020.

How to Apply: Send us an email at: