Hollis Giroux

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 210 lbs

Hometown: Jackson County, Missouri

Signatures: Hollis-caust

                     Amendment 2-A

                     The Struggle


Growing up in a single-parent home on the meanest streets of Kansas City, Missouri, Hollis Giroux learned at a young age that it is not so easy to survive by being nice and quiet.  He knew he had to fight.  He fought everyone he could, all the time, even his own brothers.  The better he got, the bigger his ego became, until one day he woke up and knew without a doubt that he was the best.  He decided then that knowing he was the best was not enough.  He wanted everyone else to know it, too.  So, he left the streets in search of the perfect place to prove his greatness.

That search has led Hollis to KCXW.  As a professional wrestler, Hollis never runs out of opportunities to fight.  From traditional singles and tag team competitions to no-disqualification street fights, he has already compiled an impressive list of victories in his short career.  But Hollis Giroux will never rest until every KCXW wrestler and fan knows that he is the best…PERIOD.

Giroux had a meteoric rise in 2016, stepping in as captain of the Season of Xcellence team The Serpents.  Hollis may be a man that KCXW fans love to hate, but he has proven that he is a dominating competitor.  In 2017, he earned a place in the eight-man Kansas City Champion Tournament.  He lost in the first round, but the youngest competitor in the tournament is not going anywhere anytime soon.