El Campión

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Signatures: Mega Drop from Outer Space


Ask anyone on the streets from Kansas City all the way to Los Angeles about El Campión, and they will say “Que chido”.  It means “So cool”, and it’s all you need to know about the man in the blue and white mask!  But here’s more:  El Campión came from the ancient Temple of Warriors, home of the greatest fighters in the universe.  No one knows how he got here, but he now finds himself trapped in a place and time he does not know.  Until he can find his way home, he will do on Earth what he was born to do in the skies:  fight.   

Since El Campión arrived in KCXW, he has been a mysterious but formidable presence in both singles and tag team competition.  His opponents quickly learn that his wrestling skills are truly out of this world, but his unflinching nerves are what make him “que chido”.  His tag team partners love him for his combination of strength, speed, and guts.  Ask him if his team can win against any foe and the answer will always be “¡Sí, se puede!”

In 2016, El Campión fought his way to glory as a member of The Stranglers, the winners of Team Xcellence in the inaugural Season of Xcellence.  The mysterious warrior brought his fiery passion to every match, and there is no doubt The Stranglers would not have held their hands high in victory without him.