KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Captain Shabam & The Force
04 April 2016

KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Captain Shabam & The Force

Welcome to another installment of a series highlighting the team captains of the inaugural Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling Season Of Xcellence.  Between now and the Draft Event on April 9th, we will take a look at each of the five team captains, asking the key questions and breaking down their chances for the 2016 Season Of Xcellence.  Next up:  Captain Shabam.

By Bill Kent

Ever since KCXW’s inaugural show in 2015, Wrestling Reborn, Captain Shabam has consistently stood against every challenge that has come his way.  An upset victory in a fatal four way match and a tag team victory at KCXW: Destiny in September earned Shabam the title of team captain of The Force, one of five teams competing in the first-ever KCXW Season of Xcellence.  The Force is an aptly named team, as they will effect action anytime they are introduced into a match.  I was given an exclusive opportunity to interview The Captain as we head into the final days before the five team captains select their teammates in the Draft Event at Aftershock Live Music Venue on April 9th.  The draft will be quickly followed by the first KCXW wrestling event of the year, Unleashed, on April 23rd

Of course, the first thing anyone wants to know is what team Shabam will put together.  One cannot be a Captain without a command beneath them, and so Shabam looks to put together a team of underdogs and sleeper stars that will be ready to apply their special style of Force to the KCXW Season of Xcellence.  The Captain leaves no man behind, so expect him to choose compatriots that may be looked over by other teams.  A wrestler cannot be judged by their appearance alone, and The Force will be proof positive of that fact.  Fans can expect to see a good balance of size, speed, experience, and ingenuity on this team to make an unorthodox, but complete, package.  When pressed for specifics, the cunning Captain is mum on the details.  “I’ve been watching a lot of the newcomers, a lot of the fresh faces walking the halls,” he said, “and I think you’ll be surprised with what you see.” 

Then there’s the question of contending with the other teams.  Shabam understands that the other captains all have a veteran’s advantage against him. “It will be an uphill battle, for sure, but underdogs exist to overcome the improbable.”  That’s when you hear the confidence in his voice, and realize that he sees the underdog status not as a weakness, but as an advantage.  So, he plans on tapping some veteran wisdom to shore up that advantage.  There are certainly a few options in the draft pool that could cover that need, whether it be in the form of “Nature’s Fury” J.C. Thunder, Tommy Snow, or the Tribal Warrior.  Which of these veterans does Shabam hope to lock in?  He’s not ready to say just yet. 

Captain Shabam is a man of his convictions, so we can assume that he will make The Force carry his banner of Truth, Justice, and Equality.  These are the Captain’s calling cards, which means this team is going to stand up for what is right and what is just. They will not take shortcuts, and they will not back down from a challenge.  It is the goal of The Force, this year and beyond, to capture and hold the title of Team Xcellence with honor and integrity.


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