KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Kyle King & The Stranglers
08 April 2016

KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Kyle King & The Stranglers

Here is the final installment of a series highlighting the team captains of the inaugural Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling Season Of Xcellence.  Between now and the Draft Event on April 9th, we will take a look at each of the five team captains, asking the key questions and breaking down their chances for the 2016 Season Of Xcellence.  Now presenting:  Kyle King.

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

Kyle King is a professional wrestling trainer, a personal trainer, and even a boxing trainer, so you might say the man knows how to teach.  Now, he plans to do some educating as team captain of The Stranglers in the KCXW 2016 Season of Xcellence, kicking off at KCXW: Unleashed on April 23rd.  “I want people to understand that I'm more of a coach”, says King when asked about his leadership style.  “What I'm looking for is a person who can show aggression, a true winning spirit.  A specific attitude - a lot of people have terrible ones.”  Asked if he would prefer a wrestler with the right attitude but less experience over a skilled malcontent, King responded:  “I absolutely want somebody who's easy to work with because my job here is really to improve everyone in my group.  If they can be taught my system for success then they have a bright future regardless of their experience level.”  King has a specific vision in mind for how his team will compete and even how they will carry themselves.  If Kyle King drafts you on April 9th, then either:  a) He believes you will happily buy in to “his system”, or b) He believes he can make you.

Kyle King’s system has been honed over years of travelling, studying, and of course, wrestling.  “I’m the most well-travelled of the KCXW roster, excluding [Street Kings team captain] Angel [Medina].  And I will continue to be.”  His travels take him around the country, not only to squared circles, but to wrestling schools and conferences.  He meets with teachers, workers, and legends, always learning, always looking for ways to improve and new knowledge to pass on to his students.  Should The Stranglers get on board with King’s system, they have a real chance to make a huge impact on the inaugural Season of Xcellence. 

The wrestlers that King drafts on April 9th will benefit immensely from his years of effort, but working under him will not be easy.  As a wrestling trainer, he will demand The Stranglers practice smart wrestling and precise execution.  As a boxing trainer, he will expect intensity and pride from every man.  As a personal trainer, he will insist his team stay in top form and are always prepared for anything in and out of the ring.  If you think that every professional wrestler should want to adhere to these principles every day as a matter of self-preservation, Kyle King would agree with you.  Thanks in part to his own efforts as a trainer at the Xtreme Wrestling Center, KCXW features several young wrestlers who could make sense as picks for The Stranglers.  XWC students such as Caesar, Hollis Giroux, and Johnny Rocco could bring the kind of intensity and willingness to be guided that King is looking for.  Even The Marksman - who may not always have the kind of attitude King is looking for but is young, talented, and very dedicated – could be an attractive draft choice.  King could be faced with a glut of worthy draftees – a good problem to have and a testament to his abilities as a trainer.

It cannot be taken for granted that the other team captains – Angel Medina, Bigg Dogg, Darrien Sanders, and Captain Shabam – are very smart wrestlers, too.  They will have good drafts, and King will need to be on his toes if he wants to make the most of every pick.  But Kyle King takes nothing for granted, and he expects no easy outs.  He’ll be just as focused on Draft Night April 9th as he is every time he steps in the ring.  Always learning, always teaching, Kyle King will never rest in his quest for wrestling perfection.  As captain of The Stranglers, that quest now includes the ultimate goal:  the title of Team Xcellence.  Any young wrestler drafted into The Stranglers should consider himself lucky – and he’d better be ready to bust his ass.


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