Teams Set, Tensions Rise at KCXW Season of Xcellence Draft Event
10 April 2016

Teams Set, Tensions Rise at KCXW Season of Xcellence Draft Event

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

The first annual Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling Season of Xcellence Draft Event took place on April 9th at Aftershock Live Music Venue in Merriam, Kansas in front of a good crowd of wrestling and music fans.  Throughout the night, fans would see the teams fleshed out as well as some moments of unexpected drama.

DJ Rob Dobber kicked the night off with a special set just for the event, including a cut from Randy Savage’s notorious rap album “Be A Man”.  KCXW President Jordan Smiley (accompanied the entire night by an unknown suited figure wearing sunglasses) then gave an overview of the Season of Xcellence rules, followed by an impassioned speech about the state of professional wrestling in Kansas City, as well as KCXW’s place in its future.  The teams and their captains were named:


“The Serpents”, captained by Darrien Sanders

“The Force”, captained by Captain Shabam

“The Stranglers”, captained by Kyle King

“The Pack”, captained by Bigg Dogg

“The Street Kings”, captained by “Kingpin” Angel Medina


Medina was in attendance, and took the stage to call out the other captains for not attending personally (all picks were provided by the other captains to President Smiley prior to the draft).  He concluded by making Levi McDaniel the first overall draft pick, which he earned through his victory at KCXW: Destiny 2015.  Hirsute rock band Electropossum then took the stage for a 30 minute set.

The draft resumed with President Smiley reading the remaining first round picks.


The Street Kings:  Levi McDaniel

The Serpents:  Hollis Giroux

The Force:  Enigma

The Stranglers:  The Marksman

The Pack:  “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin


Cattin, beer in hand, took to the stage when picked and challenged President Smiley to name him team captain, but was turned down.  Tensions and boos escalated as Cattin became more agitated before finally leaving the stage at the President’s insistence.


The second round of the draft then took place, with B-Train, The Stranglers’ team coach, and Professor Crippel, coach of The Pack, making their teams’ respective picks.



The Street Kings:  KC Kyng

The Serpents:  Markus Knight

The Force:  Tommy Snow

The Stranglers:  Curt Gannon

The Pack:  “Nature’s Fury” J.C. Thunder

The band Exeter took the stage after the second draft round.  At the end of Exeter’s set, David Cattin, visibly intoxicated, took the stage.  He had some more choice words for President Smiley denying him a chance to be team captain, then to the shock of everyone took a bass guitar from Exeter and smashed it to pieces on the concrete floor.  Security removed him from the venue.


After the dust settled the third round of the draft began.  In the third President Smiley again announced all but Angel Medina’s picks.



The Street Kings:  “The Animal Aaron Clay”

The Serpents:  Curtis Wylde

The Force:  Purple Phoenix

The Stranglers:  Caesar

The Pack:  Johnny Rocco


For the fourth round, once again B-Train announced the pick for The Stranglers and Professor Crippel announced The Pack’s choice.  Medina made the last choice of the night.



The Serpents:  Troll

The Force:  Shannon Reed

The Stranglers:  Leo D’Auria

The Pack:  “Tribal Warrior” Angel Skycall

The Street Kings:  Genesis


After Genesis gave his acceptance speech, Medina returned to the microphone to further assert his team’s ability to dominate.  Eventually The Marksman came to the stage to challenge Medina, shoving The Kingpin’s hype man Mark to the ground.  Several wrestlers came to the stage to break up Medina and The Marksman before they could get into a fight.  President Smiley gave a final push for the first two events of the Season of Xcellence:  Unleashed on April 23rd and Tactics on May 21st, before turning over the stage to metal band Hellevate to close out the night.




Angel Medina (captain)

Levi McDaniel

KC Kyng

“The Animal” Aaron Clay




Darrien Sanders (captain)

Hollis Giroux

Markus Knight

Curtis Wylde




Captain Shabam (captain)


Tommy Snow

Purple Phoenix

Shannon Reed



Kyle King (captain)

The Marksman

Curt Gannon


Leo D’Auria

Coach:  B-Train



Bigg Dogg (captain)

“Smooth as Satin” David Cattin

“Nature’s Fury” J.C. Thunder

Johnny Rocco

“Tribal Warrior” Angel Skycall

Coach:  Professor Crippel


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