Introducing The KCXW Kansas City Champion Tournament Participants
22 December 2016

Introducing The KCXW Kansas City Champion Tournament Participants

On January 8th 2017, KCXW will debut the Second Sundays series at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in downtown Kansas City.  The series kicks off with a bang when KCXW holds a tournament to decide the first-ever Kansas City Champion!  Read on to learn more about the eight men who will participate in the tournament!

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

Kansas City and professional wrestling share a long and well-respected history.  When Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling debuts the Kansas City Champion title, championship gold will return to one of the greatest wrestling cities in the country.  On January 8th, 2017, KCXW kicks off its Second Sundays series at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with an epic eight-man tournament.  The winner will be crowned the first Kansas City Champion, and the eyes of the professional wrestling world will be on him.

President Jordan Smiley and the Board of Xcellence had a daunting task in selecting the ideal candidates to compete in the Kansas City Champion tournament.  KCXW and the entire Midwest wrestling world are overflowing with talented grapplers worthy of a shot at making history.  And true to form, Smiley and the B.O.X. have assembled a group of eight that will shake Alamo Drafthouse to its foundations.  The tournament will feature a mix of local wrestlers fighting for Kansas City pride as well as personal glory, and regional veterans looking to add another notch to their belts.

Here are the competitors in this winner-take-all tournament!

Bigg Dogg

As one of KCXW’s most beloved and respected veterans, Bigg Dogg is an easy choice for inclusion in the Kansas City Champion tournament.  He is the most dangerous type of competitor, a powerful brawler with ring smarts to match his strength.  As captain of The Pack, Bigg Dogg began the 2016 KCXW Season of Xcellence as a potential favorite to lead his team to the title of Team Xcellence.  His season came to an early and unfortunate end, however, when teammate (and fellow tournament competitor) “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin wrenched the captaincy from him, injuring his leg in the process.  Now with redemption on his mind, Bigg Dogg is bound to be even more motivated – and dangerous – in January than anyone has seen in a long time.


Captain Shabam

Captain Shabam, the Hero of Centropolis, spent all of 2016 proving to professional wrestling fans that “might” is not honed in a gym or taught at a school – it lives deep down inside, and whoever can harness it, no matter their size, can move mountains.  Shabam fights for truth, justice, and equality with a fast-paced and effective move set and a fearlessness that cannot be matched.  On January 8th, he will also be fighting for the right to be called Kansas City Champion.


“Smooth as Satin” David Cattin

Fans of fair play may scoff at the inclusion of “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin in the Kansas City Champion tournament, but admirers of pure wrestling talent will be in for a treat.  Cattin may be the most controversial and unpredictable figure in KCXW, but the bearer of the “Satin Standard” is also one of the most gifted.  He is also tough as nails, as many KCXW wrestlers have seen – it takes a lot to put Cattin down and keep him down.  If any man has the stamina for four matches in one night to go the distance in this tournament, it is Cattin.


Brandon Espinosa

Brandon Espinosa is no stranger to championship glory, and for good reason.  He has been ranked in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 since 2009.  He has captured countless titles all over the country since 2005.  In both singles and tag team competition, the St. Louis-based Espinosa has proven himself as a fierce competitor who is willing to do whatever it takes to win.  As gifted at getting in his opponent’s head as he is at wrestling, an Espinosa match often begins with a frustrated opponent and ends with a well-placed spinebuster.  At the Kansas City Champion tournament, Espinosa has every right to feel confident that he can add another belt to his already impressive resume.


Hollis Giroux

Hollis Giroux has wasted no time winning gold and earning respect from veterans all over the Midwest.  With Kansas City as his home base, this fierce young competitor has quickly positioned himself as one of the top competitors in KCXW, to the ire of many fans.  But Giroux has proven time and again that he can handle just about anything thrown at him, whether an opponent’s chair shot or a fan’s heat.  Giroux may be young, but he does not have much left to prove.  He will fit right in at the Kansas City Champion tournament.


Kyle King

2016 has been a great year for Kyle King.  As captain of The Stranglers, he led his team to the title of Team Xcellence in the inaugural Season of Xcellence, capped by his own victory over Captain Shabam in a thrilling Casket Match at KCXW: Xcellence in October.  In August, he defeated Ring of Honor’s “Brutal” Bob Evans in arguably the greatest match in KCXW history.  Evans left Kansas City with a newfound respect for the Kansas City wrestling renaissance that night, and he learned what KCXW fans have known for a long time:  Kyle King is ready for gold.


The Marksman

The most polarizing figure in KCXW today, The Marksman keeps wrestling fans and his roster mates on their toes at every event.  His skills cannot be denied – the 2016 Season of Xcellence MVP is a brilliant classical wrestler, a submissions specialist, and one of the most powerful men in KCXW.  He is cunning and calculating, but with a fire inside that is easily ignited if he is crossed.  True to his name, The Marksman takes a trophy from every opponent he defeats, from the greenest rookie to Ring of Honor’s Donovan Dijak.  He has accumulated a vast collection in his time at KCXW.  The biggest trophy of all – the Kansas City Champion belt – now awaits him.


J.C. Thunder

Like a mighty storm, J.C. Thunder has wreaked havoc everywhere he has appeared.  Thunder has won heavyweight titles in professional wrestling organizations all over the Midwest with his powerhouse brawling style and his “Thunder Slam” finishing maneuver.  He has faced – and crushed – no small number of foes in KCXW as well.  Those who will be his fellow competitors in the Kansas City Champion tournament are surely not looking forward to facing “Nature’s Fury” again. 

Purchase your tickets to KCXW Second Sundays on January 8th to secure your place at this historic event!


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