KCXW Wrestler Spotlight: Cornelius Wyverstone
16 February 2017

KCXW Wrestler Spotlight: Cornelius Wyverstone

KCXW is proud to present a weekly spotlight on the best roster of wrestlers in the Midwest.  Next up:  Cornelius Wyverstone.

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

A great circus performance is often awe-inspiring, occasionally death-defying, and always entertaining - the ultimate combination of athleticism and showmanship.  It is no coincidence that these are the traits that also make a Cornelius Wyverstone match so special; he is circus royalty, after all.  Since his arrival in Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling in early 2016, he has wowed the Midwest wrestling world with his passion, agility, and death-defying moves.  As one of KCXW’s brightest young stars, Cornelius is sure to make an impact on the 2017 Season of Xcellence and continue to work his way up the ladder of competitors for the Kansas City Championship belt.

His story has been told before, but here is a review:  Cornelius, enamored by the circus life but stranded in the shadow of his autocratic father, yearned to find his place in the spotlight.  When a mysterious performer named “The Firespitter” joined the Wyverstone Circus, she introduced Cornelius to one of her passions:  the world of professional wrestling.  Cornelius grew to love the girl and the sport, and decided that he wanted to be a wrestler, but his father forbade him.  It was then that Cornelius discovered his knack for defiance for the sake of doing what he knows to be right; he left his father, his inheritance, and the circus behind, and began to train at the Xtreme Wrestling Center.

Cornelius Wyverstone

After completing his XWC training, Cornelius Wyverstone earned a home and a name for himself in Kansas City with KCXW.  In June of 2016, his dream became reality when he earned the opportunity to help KCXW make history.  KCXW: Takeover I was the first-ever KCXW event at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and the first event by any professional wrestling organization in Kansas City, Missouri in years.  Cornelius, Leo D’Auria, and “The Bullysmasher” Shannon Reed wrestled a triple-threat match to open the show.  The victory went to D’Auria, but the match has become one of the highlight matches of KCXW.

Since that June night, the tenacity and athletic ability of Cornelius Wyverstone have continued to take him far in a short time.  His peers have quickly learned that behind his quiet intensity lies a very dangerous opponent; win or lose, Cornelius leaves his all in the ring, putting on an athletic exhibition that is, well, circus-like.  He has great agility for a wrestler his size, and he uses it with a daredevil’s abandon, wowing fans and foes alike with his high-flying maneuvers.  With Shannon Reed, he has formed an unlikely tag team combination that has earned victories and fan affection.  Wyverstone and Reed fight hard for one another, a testament to their mutual respect.  Their talent, work ethic, and integrity should continue to take them far in 2017.

Cornelius Wyverstone Shannon Reed

The future for KCXW’s resident circus royalty is bright, and it surely features a return to team action in the 2017 Season of Xcellence.  In 2016, Cornelius was a late addition to The Force, the team that shocked many in the wrestling world with their second-place finish.  Captain Shabam, The Force’s team captain and occasional sparring partner, has high hopes for the young athlete in the next year and beyond.  “Cornelius Wyverstone is one of a kind in that ring,” said the Hero of Centropolis.  “An unorthodox opponent makes for an unpredictable match, and he excels when someone is off their game.  He has the potential to be a great team asset, no matter where he ends up.”

Cornelius Wyverstone is one of the most clever, gifted, and intense young competitors in Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling.  The 2017 Season of Xcellence rosters will be announced soon, but it is assured that whichever team lands the circus prince will be lucky to have him.  Whenever Cornelius Wyverstone steps into the KCXW ring at Alamo Drafthouse, it is bound to be the greatest show on Earth.

Cornelius Wyverstone Suplex


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