2017 KCXW Season of Xcellence Team Rosters: The Stranglers
26 March 2017

2017 KCXW Season of Xcellence Team Rosters: The Stranglers

Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling will make professional wrestling history once again with the second annual Season of Xcellence in 2017.  Kyle King and The Stranglers were crowned Team Xcellence in the 2016 season, and five other teams are now ready for their turn.  But The Stranglers won't go down without a fight!

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)





The Stranglers 2017

2016 Ranking:  1st

Roster (* denotes returning member):

Kyle King* (Team Captain)

Leo D’Auria*

J. Savage*

El Campion*

Liam Power


The 2017 Season of Xcellence continues April 9th at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kansas City, Missouri!

Kyle King’s strategy in 2016 was to draft a team of young wrestlers with enormous talent, and whip them into shape with intense, non-stop training.  Kyle knew what he was doing, as that strategy led The Stranglers to the Team Xcellence title.  But a great strategy is worthless without flawless execution, and Kyle proved that he could train his young team to be the best in KCXW.  With the announcement of The Stranglers’ 2017 roster, Kyle makes clear that he does not intend to fix what isn’t broken.  Look for The Stranglers to not only have a strong start the 2017 Season of Xcellence, but to also show the most improvement of any team throughout the year.

Kyle King

Kyle King

In addition to being a great coach and leader, Kyle King happens to be a great wrestler.  A student of the classic grapplers from the earliest days of professional wrestling, Kyle has followed their example by developing flawless technique and awesome power.  He uses these skills to wear his opponent down to a lifeless heap, and his inhuman level of toughness ensures he’ll be the last man standing.  Kyle was so dominant last year, he only lost one match in the 2016 Season of Xcellence.  That loss was against the formidable ECW original “Kingpin” Angel Medina – and it was by disqualification.  A highly adaptable wrestler, Kyle’s victories last year included a best-two-of-three-falls match, a triple-threat match, and the unforgettable season-deciding casket match against Captain Shabam.

Leo D’Auria

Leo D'Auria

The prodigal son returns, and The Stranglers couldn’t be happier.  Since doing his part to help The Stranglers win the 2016 Team Xcellence title, Leo D’Auria has been on the move honing his skills and proudly representing the D’Auria name.  Apparently, Kyle King’s tenacity extends beyond the squared circle; when Draft Day 2017 came, Leo answered the call and committed to return to The Stranglers.  From his role in The Stranglers’ win in the inaugural President’s Cup match at KCXW: Tactics to christening the Alamo Drafthouse with a triple-threat victory over Shannon Reed and Cornelius Wyverstone at KCXW: Takeover, D’Auria has had a hand in some of KCXW’s most memorable moments.  One of the toughest men to ever wrestle a KCXW match, “Leo D.” can outlast just about anybody, at least long enough to bury them with his lethal Cement Boots finisher.

El Campión

El Campión is a masked man of mystery, and little is known about him.  But Kyle knows that when he took a chance on El Campión in the 2016 Season of Xcellence, it paid off marvelously.  He is a positive and motivational influence on his team, able to keep even The Marksman in good spirits for much of the year.  El Campión has proven to be a natural in tag team competition, particularly when paired with fellow Strangler Leo D’Auria.  Since the 2016 Season ended, El Campión earned his first singles victory when he defeated Cornelius Wyverstone at KCXW: Winning Xposition in December.  In El Campión, Kyle King and The Stranglers have a great teammate who continues to get better, stronger, and smarter in the ring.  Kyle King may not even know El Campión’s real name.  But Kyle does know that when he defends The Strangler’s title of Team Xcellence in 2017, he wants El Campión at his side once again.

J. Savage

J. Savage

J. Savage was a late addition to The Stranglers in 2016, and there can be no doubt that this is where he belongs.  Like Kyle King and Leo D’Auria, Savage balances his intense training and wrestling study with a sharp sense of humor.  But Savage is all business in the ring, and his skills earn him the respect of his foes in every match, including recent victories in exhibition matches against teammates Leo D. and El Campión.  Savage also has the advantage of countless hours spent training with KCXW peers such as Cornelius Wyverstone, Shannon Reed, Hollis Giroux – all of whom will be representing other teams in the Season of Xcellence this year.  Such extensive knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses will be invaluable to J. Savage and The Stranglers, a fact not lost on Captain Kyle King when draft day came.  Expect J. Savage to step up and deliver for The Stranglers all year long in 2017.

Liam Power

Liam Power

Ladies and gentlemen, the man with the biggest shoes to fill in KCXW.  The only new member of The Stranglers takes the place of The Marksman, the 2016 Season of Xcellence MVP and now captain of the brand-new team The Shooters.  A big man who isn’t afraid to climb the turnbuckles, sporting outlandish ring gear and colorful face paint, fun-loving, and always smiling, Liam seems to be The Marksman’s polar opposite.  But as The Marksman once was, Liam is a student of none other than Kyle King.  That means he has learned the importance of discipline, technique, and execution.  While Liam Power does not yet have the ring experience of The Marksman, he is more than capable of taking a place among The Stranglers.

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