2017 KCXW Season of Xcellence Team Rosters: The Standard
06 April 2017

2017 KCXW Season of Xcellence Team Rosters: The Standard

Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling will make professional wrestling history once again with the second annual Season of Xcellence in 2017.  Six teams will be competing to dethrone The Stranglers as Team Xcellence, including expansion team The Standard.

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)






The Standard 2017

2016 Ranking:  N/A


"Smooth as Satin" David Cattin (Team Captain)

"The Natural" Ryan Good

Matthew Narsima

Victor Chambers

Bo Brockman


The 2017 Season of Xcellence continues April 9th at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kansas City, Missouri!

The 2017 Season of Xcellence will introduce two expansion teams, and with the retiring of The Street Kings, the total number of teams will be six.  One of the new teams is The Standard, and they are sure to raise a lot of questions.  Their captain is “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin, a veteran and trainer who lives and breathes professional wrestling more than anyone in Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling.  His passion has led him to make questionable decisions in the past, both in and out of the ring.  But with a genuine opportunity to prove what he can do with his own team, Cattin is more focused and committed than ever to coach his students to the top of the professional wrestling world.  To that end, Cattin has made the unorthodox decision to draft a team exclusively composed of his Xtreme Wrestling Center students.  With such a young lineup, Cattin and The Standard will be viewed as underdogs by most.  But as we have seen time and time again at KCXW, every underdog has its day.

“Smooth as Satin” David Cattin

David Cattin appears to be a changed man.  The most hated wrestler in KCXW for most of 2016, David has transitioned into a more agreeable person, a change seemingly kicked off by the pounding he received from Bigg Dogg in a Dog Collar Match at KCXW: Wrestling for Veterans.  Since that night, David has been more sportsmanlike and even a bit humble – though no less passionate – in his matches.  All signs seem to point to the change being sincere, and it is certainly necessary, since the rest of The Standard consists of unproven students from the Xtreme Wrestling Center.  David will be constantly coaching this team, which means he needs buy-in from the young roster.  If he gets it, this team could surprise some people.  As for David himself, he is fiery yet cunning, a technical wrestling master, and tough as hell.  With his devastating Superkick and Cobra Clutch signature moves, Cattin will have no trouble setting The Satin Standard.

“The Natural” Ryan Good

Ryan Good was a star athlete in college, earning his nickname “The Natural” by excelling in just about any physical activity he attempted.  Now he has set his sights on the world of professional wrestling with championship aspirations.  True to form, Ryan has developed into a promising young talent under Cattin’s tutelage.  Setting his sights too high too soon recently put Ryan in some hot water with current Kansas City Champion J.C. Thunder, but even a beating with a baseball bat could not keep “The Natural” down for long.  Expect this young athlete to wow the KCXW crowds with his intensity, stamina, and raw strength.

Matthew Narsima

Matthew Narsima is another XWC student, and Cattin has been impressed with the young man’s passion and development.  “Narsima” means “young lion” in the language of Matthew’s people, and it is not a name he takes for granted.  Matthew is proud of his heritage, and his dream is to display the worth of his people through hand-to-hand combat.  Matthew is young, but he has a true warrior’s spirit, and he will give every ounce of strength he has in the ring.

Victor Chambers

Victor Chambers is another newcomer to KCXW, and his addition to The Standard is sure to raise some eyebrows.  Cattin’s motivation is a mystery for now, but Chambers is ready to prove his worth.  Calling himself “Afflicted”, the masked Chambers seems to have demons in his head – and possibly skeletons in his closet – that he is all too eager to purge.  Perhaps Cattin is banking on Chambers taking his affliction out on his opponents in the KCXW ring.

Bo Brockman

Talk about intensity:  Bo Brockman is the final and possibly scariest link of The Standard chain.  A Norse black metal warrior with a gift for inflicting pain and a disregard for goodness and order, Brockman will likely prove to be a major handful for Cattin.  But once he is turned loose in the ring, Brockman is sure to lay waste to everybody in sight.

The Season of Xcellence continues April 9th! Order your tickets to KCXW: April Slam today!


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