Kansas City Champion J.C. Thunder Attacks
06 April 2017

Kansas City Champion J.C. Thunder Attacks "The Natural" Ryan Good

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)


"The Natural" Ryan Good, a young wrestler and student of the Xtreme Wrestling Center making his KCXW debut on April 9th, was the victim of a brutal attack by Kansas City Champion J.C. Thunder.  Good has his sights set high in professional wrestling, and he has even appeared in a social media fan poll asking who should be the next contender for J.C. Thunder's belt.  It appears Thunder took issue to the challenge of Good - and all the other so-called "pretenders" as he calls them - and decided to send a message.

Good was visiting his alma mater to discuss wrestling training with some of his old college football teammates when Thunder arrived with a baseball bat.  It is unknown at this time how Thunder knew of Good's whereabouts.

Here is footage of the attack.

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