The Marksman Hits The Streets to Assemble The Shooters
12 April 2017

The Marksman Hits The Streets to Assemble The Shooters

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

 The 2017 Season of Xcellence continues May 14th at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kansas City, Missouri!

The Marksman earned the title of MVP in the 2016 Season of Xcellence with a string of victories as he helped The Stranglers win the first-ever Team Xcellence title.  That performance earned him the chance to captain his own team in the 2017 Season of Xcellence: The Shooters.

In the 2017 Season, each event features two (of six) teams going head-to-head to earn the most points, and the rosters of each team are announced in the weeks ahead of their first event.  The Shooters, scheduled to make their debut KCXW: Mayhem on May 14th, 2017, would expect their roster announcement to come in early May.  The Marksman had other plans.

With the April event KCXW: April Slam on the horizon, The Stranglers and The Standard were meant to have all the attention.  But footage began to leak of The Marksman, with a KCXW camera person in tow, hitting the streets to assemble his team.  The message was clear:  The Marksman wants all eyes on him and The Shooters.

Alex Gutrot

For his first recruit, The Marksman ventured off the streets into a dirty alley.  Alex Gutrot may not clean up very well, but he is tough and will win at all costs.  If The Marksman can instill just a little discpline in him, Gutrot will be a dangerous member of The Shooters.

Johnny Rocco

The Marksman found his next recruit with a bit of luck and good timing.  Johnny Rocco is quick, and he has a mean streak to match The Marksman's.  He knows the ring as well as he knows the streets, and he's often the last man standing in both.

Smashmouth McCallum

A newcomer to KCXW, "Smashmouth" McCallum is a no-nonsense brawler that is as tough as they come. After a life of hellraising, McCallum now spends his days as a barber, where he can keep an ear to the streets while staying out of trouble.  In the ring, Smashmouth will be nothing but trouble.  


KCXW: April Slam featured a match to determine the next number-one contender for the Kansas City Championship belt.  Competing in the match were Cornelius Wyverstone and the new captain of The Serpents, Hollis Giroux.  Just as Hollis was primed for victory, "The Heel of Heels" Genesis cost him the match with a few devastating chair shots.  Soon after, The Marksman convinced Genesis to sign on with The Shooters, filling out the roster.  

In Genesis, The Shooters have their largest and most powerful member - a destructive force whose only motivation seems to be drawing hate and boos from the crowd.


The Marksman, Genesis, Alex Gutrot, Johnny Rocco, and "Smashmouth McCallum" - The Shooters are five men with blatant disregard for rules and fair play, who will win at all costs.  Indeed, they are not so much a team as they are a gang.  Any team who faces them had better be ready not just for a wrestling match, but a street fight.

When Hollis Giroux assembles The Serpents and these two teams meet at KCXW: Mayhem, they had better be ready for war.

The 2017 Season of Xcellence continues May 14th at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kansas City, Missouri!


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