KCXW Invading Kansas City Comic Con in November 2017
25 October 2017

KCXW Invading Kansas City Comic Con in November 2017

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

Every fall, Kansas City Comic Con fills Bartle Hall with comic book and toy vendors, costumes, music, and celebrities from all corners of the pop culture universe.  For 2017, Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling has been invited to the party, meaning this will be KCCC’s most exciting year yet!  For the entire convention weekend, November 10th, 11th, and 12th, fans can meet KCXW wrestlers, managers, and staff, take photos, and pick up KCXW merchandise including t-shirts, DVDs and more.  And on Saturday, November 11th from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM KCXW stars will take to the ring for exclusive matches!

KCXW Kansas City Champion The Marksman will face the number-one contender, Aaron Clay.  A fan favorite on a hot streak, Clay is a gifted athlete who gives his all on every move, from corner chops to his patented and feared Spear.  But it is no accident that The Marksman is the Kansas City Champion.  As cunning as he is imposing, The Marksman wears his foes down with methodical technique and stunning power.  This bout for the Kansas City Championship will be the match of Aaron Clay’s career, and both these men will be ready to give their all.

Also appearing at Kansas City Comic Con are KCXW President Jordan Smiley, Captain Shabam, J. Savage, “Bullysmasher” Shannon Reed, Hollis Giroux, and so many more.  And convention attendees will see just how much action Bartle Hall can withstand when twenty of KCXW’s biggest and baddest face off in a Battle Royale!

At Kansas City Comic Con, the KCXW ring will shake the rafters and turn heads all over Bartle Hall.  The action takes place from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday, November 11th.  And remember, we’ll be there all weekend long for meet and greet!

A ticket to Comic Con lets you see all the KCXW action, so get yours today at http://www.kansascity-comiccon.com/tickets/!


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