KCXW Xcellence 2017:  Season of Xcellence Finals, Derek Stone & More
29 November 2017

KCXW Xcellence 2017: Season of Xcellence Finals, Derek Stone & More

It all comes down to this:  after a year of epic matches and upset finishes, we reach the 2017 Season of Xcellence finals.  We started with six teams, and through elimination of all but the best and most determined, we are now down to two:  The Force and The Shooters.

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

On December 9th, 2017, KCXW will debut the new Second Saturday series of professional wrestling events.  To add to the excitement, KCXW events on the second Saturday of every month will take place at a brand-new venue:  The State Street Project at 1017 North 9th Street in downtown Kansas City, Kansas.  The December 9th event is KCXW: Xcellence, and true to tradition it will feature the breathtaking finale of the Season of Xcellence.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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2017 Season of Xcellence Finals

2017 marks the second consecutive Season of Xcellence finals for Captain Shabam and The Force.  Last year, they came up just short against The Marksman’s old team The Stranglers, and they enter KCXW: Xcellence 2017 looking to resolve some unfinished business.  Always considered the underdog, The Force nevertheless fight with all they have got until the final bell rings.  With the inspiring Captain Shabam at the helm and manager Hypeman Pinky for support, The Force present a tough challenge in every match they participate.

KCXW Kansas City Champion The Marksman is a first-time Season of Xcellence captain, leading The Shooters, a brand-new team.  Standing tall against veteran teams headed by Bigg Dogg, “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin, Kyle King, and Hollis Giroux, The Shooters have outlasted all but one team so far in their inaugural Season.  Despite some turnover on his roster, The Marksman has managed his team admirably, earning respect along with victories from every member.  The Marksman has been known as a force to be reckoned with in KCXW for some time, and he has successfully passed that reputation on to The Shooters.

A pair of Season of Xcellence finals matches have been announced, and they are sure to kick off KCXW’s tenure at The State Street Project with a bang.  Representing The Force, “Bullysmasher” Shannon Reed will be facing Johnny Rocco of The Shooters.  Reed may be a soft-spoken nice guy, but he is notorious for his brutal wrestling style and take-no-prisoners attitude in the ring.  Reed will have his hands full with Johnny Rocco, a tall and lean striker who is as ruthless in the ring as he is out of it.

Reed vs Rocco

St. Louis native LVK is representing The Shooters for the third time, and this late-addition has proven invaluable to the team.  His high-impact mix of power and aerial styles keep opponents guessing – when they aren’t kept on the mat.  His opponent is The Force’s Cornelius Wyverstone, arguably the most tireless competitor in KCXW with an impressive collection of moves and holds.  Since this is a win-by-submission-only match, both Wyverstone and LVK will need to have their entire repertoire at the ready.

Wyverstone vs LVK

Also competing in the Season of Xcellence finals are Juno Granger, James Moore, and Nick Vendetta.

Kansas City Championship

The Marksman will be pulling double-duty at KCXW: Xcellence 2017; in addition to facing Captain Shabam as part of the Season of Xcellence finals, he will be putting his Kansas City Championship belt on the line against KCXW luchador El Campion.  El Campion became the number one contender for the title when he defeated Cornelius Wyverstone at Kansas City Comic Con in November.  The mysterious, eccentric El Campion claims to simultaneously hail from Los Angeles, Mexico City, and an Interstellar Ancient Temple of Warriors; in the ring, he also seems to be everywhere at once, and he is always keeping his opponents guessing.  El Campion’s title shot is an exclamation point on the story of his young career in professional wrestling.  All signs point to this young star continuing to rise in the ranks.

Marksman vs El Campion

Derek Stone

When the winning team of the Season of Xcellence is decided, the captain of that team will choose his MVP.  In its brief history, the Team Xcellence MVP has already become a prestigious title.  At Xcellence last season, Kyle King pegged The Marksman as MVP of The Stranglers.  This earned him the opportunity to captain his own team this season, and 2017 finalists The Shooters were born.  He also earned an immediate match against Ring of Honor titan Donovan Dijak.  It became one of KCXW’s greatest and most talked-about matches, and The Markman’s victory further cemented his legacy in Kansas City wrestling.

Stone vs MVP

This year, the man named Season of Xcellence MVP will immediately face Derek Stone in the last match of KCXW: Xcellence 2017.  Stone is a 20-year ring veteran with appearances in organizations all over the country, including a few matches in WWE.  He has won almost a dozen championships, and has a reputation as one of the Midwest’s toughest and smartest power wrestlers.  Now, the Denver-based Stone resides in Kansas City, working as both a wrestler and a trainer.  Just as powerful and imposing as ever, Stone will be a daunting test for the newly-crowned MVP.

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