2018 Season of Xcellence - The Captains
29 January 2018

2018 Season of Xcellence - The Captains

The 2018 Season of Xcellence will feature four teams:  2017 champions The Force, 2016 champions The Stranglers, and two new teams:  President Smiley's The Bruisers, and The Carnival.  These teams will battle it out all year long to determine who will be crowned Team Xcellence.  As we have learned in years' past, the captain is the lifeblood of the team, and without a great captain there is no shot at glory.  Let's meet the captains of this year's Season of Xcellence!

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)


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The Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling Season of Xcellence will soon begin its third season.  This year, KCXW presents Season of Xcellence stalwarts The Force and The Stranglers, each past winners of the title of Team Xcellence, as well as two new teams, The Bruisers and The Carnival.  The captains of these teams are among the most-respected wrestlers in KCXW, and throughout the Midwest.  With these teams, the 2018 Season of Xcellence is sure to be the best season yet!


Captain Shabam has quietly evolved into the model of consistency in KCXW.  He is now the only wrestler to captain a Season of Xcellence team every season since its inception.  His team, The Force, earned second place the first year and took home the Team Xcellence title last season.  But with a major and unexpected roster shift, can The Force remain on top?  Shabam has demonstrated time and again that he is a crafty and inspiring leader.  After two years of success, betting against him now would be ill-advised.

2018 Season of Xcellence Captain Shabam


When President Smiley announced that he would enter his own team into the Season of Xcellence for the first time, J.C. Thunder immediately became the favorite to assume the role of captain.  KCXW’s first Kansas City Champion, Thunder has been a supporter and defender of President Smiley for a long time.  Thunder may be a company man, but he is also one of the most imposing figures to ever step into the KCXW ring.  With over 20 years of ring experience and the most devastating piledriver in the Midwest, Thunder will see to it that The Bruisers will put on a clinic of Smiley’s vision of discipline and respect at all costs.

2018 Season of Xcellence JC Thunder


This will be the year KCXW fans will see how well J. Savage can build and manage a Season of Xcellence team, and how well he can take pressure.  Before the season could begin, Savage found himself in a three-way dispute over who would be captain of The Stranglers.  He came out of that dispute the captain of a team in turmoil gutted of its longest-tenured members.  J. Savage is tenacious, and he will never let the memory of The Stranglers winning the first Season of Xcellence pass.  If Savage can assemble a team as committed to excellence as he is, The Stranglers have a great chance to find themselves on top of the world once again.

2018 Season of Xcellence J Savage


The wild card of the 2018 Season of Xcellence, Cornelius Wyverstone shocked the KCXW rank and fans with his unexpected turn on Captain Shabam at KCXW: Wrestling for Pets.  Wyverstone has always hinted at a dark side behind his fiery eyes and intensity.  Now, that darkness appears to have reached the surface, and no one can know what to expect from Wyverstone – besides greatness.  2017 was a banner year for Wyverstone; he was named MVP of the Season of Xcellence on The Force, he won an epic match against world-renowned veteran “Brutal” Bob Evans, and his near-victory against then Kansas City Champion J.C. Thunder is regarded among the greatest matches in KCXW history.  No one can question Cornelius Wyverstone’s ability in the ring.  But what about his abilities as a captain?  Will he assemble a team fit for the title of Team Xcellence, and lead them to glory?  Or will his inexperience as a leader get the best of him?  The Carnival will be a team to watch intently in the 2018 Season of Xcellence.  With Wyverstone at the helm, they will certainly be interesting.

2018 Season of Xcellence Wyverstone

Tickets are available NOW to KCXW: 2018 Season of Xcellence Kickoff!  Don’t miss any of the action all season long!


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