KCXW Season of Xcellence Rules & Information
20 February 2018

KCXW Season of Xcellence Rules & Information

KCXW's Season of Xcellence is the most exciting professional wrestling extravaganza in the Midwest!  For years, KCXW fans have been wowed by the intense teamwork, rivalries and matches that are part of the Season.  Here is a look at the rules of the Season of Xcellence, and what to expect throughout the year!

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)


As the premier professional wrestling organization in the Midwest, Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling is proud of our ability to combine history and innovation to make every KCXW event an original and unforgettable experience.  We start with the most talented wrestlers going head-to-head in the most exciting matches, and we raise the stakes sky-high thanks to the ground-breaking Season of Xcellence.  Aa year-long event like no other in the world of professional wrestling, the KCXW Season of Xcellence (“SOX”) pits teams of wrestlers against each other for the title of Team Xcellence.

The Teams

Each Season of Xcellence team has a Captain, the leader of the team.  The Captain drafts the remaining members of their team from the deep pool of KCXW talent.  The SOX teams total five members, and a team must have all five members present to compete in an event.  In extreme circumstances, KCXW President Smiley and the Board of Xcellence may allow a team member substitution; however, a team has never been allowed to compete with fewer than five members.

2017 SOX Champs The Force


At each KCXW event, two SOX teams face off in multiple matches, each worth a different amount of points.  A typical one-on-one singles match is worth 1 point, while a submission match or a tag-team match is usually worth 2 points.  Some extreme matches can be worth even more points, for example a casket match (3 points) or a survivor-series-style elimination tag match (1 point for every surviving member).  A team will face just one team at an event, but will face multiple teams throughout the season.  The points earned at each event are added to the team’s total, and carried over throughout the SOX to the Elimination Events.


As the end of the year approaches, the Season of Xcellence teams participate in two Elimination Events.  The teams in an Elimination Event will have the opportunity to earn the same number of points, based on the types of matches.  At the end of the event, the team with the most points – including all points earned in earlier events – moves on to the SOX Finals.  All other teams are eliminated.

2016 SOX Champs The Stranglers

The Finals

KCXW: Xcellence is guaranteed to be the most exciting, intense event of the year – the event where Team Xcellence is crowned.  The two remaining teams battle with all they have got to be the last ones standing.  Just as the intensity rises, so do the stakes – there are rarely any one-point matches at Xcellence.  The face-off culminates with a Captain-on-Captain challenge in a grueling match – past finale matches include a Casket Match and a Last Man Standing Match. 

When the dust has settled, there will be one team with the most points – Team Xcellence.  The Captain of Team Xcellence is granted the Season of Xcellence title belt, and can wear it for the entirety of the following season.  The Season culminates in the MVP announcement and match.  The Team Xcellence Captain names the MVP of his team based on any number of factors, though match performance, teamwork, and loyalty always rank high on a Captain’s list of MVP qualities.  The MVP is given a moment to celebrate, but must immediately face a final challenger – a main-event guest star brought in by President Smiley and the Board of Xcellence to bring the house down and test the worth of the MVP.  Past guests have included Ring of Honor titan Donovan Dijak and Midwest wrestling legend Derek Stone.

Attaining the Team Xcellence crown is a highlight of any wrestler’s career.  The KCXW Season of Xcellence is the pinnacle of Midwest professional wrestling, and it is one of the reasons fans come back to see KCXW events again and again.  Be sure to purchase your KCXW tickets right here at kcwrestling.com!


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