Two Champions Crowned at KCXW: Mayhem
01 June 2018

Two Champions Crowned at KCXW: Mayhem

KCXW fans witnessed the crowning of two champions at KCXW: Mayhem.  With the crownings of KCXW’s first two-time Kansas City Champion and the first-ever Women’s Champion in the company’s history, it was an event for the ages.  Here is a look at how they earned the gold, and what the summer holds for them. 

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)


The story of Hollis Giroux's historic night at KCXW: Mayhem actually begins the month before.  KCXW rules state that if there is a count-out of the champion or challenger in a title match, the title is vacated.  This occurred at KCXW: April Slam, when The Sarge, challenging for the Kansas City Championship against Hollis Giroux, was counted out to lose the match.  A KCXW title match must be decided cleanly, with a pinfall or submission.  This did not happen; the title was taken from Hollis Giroux.

Giroux did not take this result easily.  He spent the next month petitioning the KCXW Board of Xcellence and President Smiley, demanding that he be granted the Kansas City Championship back.  Ultimately, a decision was made:  at Mayhem, Giroux would have a rematch against The Sarge, with the winner being crowned champion.

The Sarge is one of KCXW’s toughest competitors, and he has his sights set on rising to the top of the ranks.  He came to Mayhem as determined as ever, and ready to fight.  But Hollis Giroux was on a mission, with new-found appreciation for the right to wear the gold.  he entered the match on fire and never relented, and he left as KCXW’s first two-time Kansas City Champion.

Hollis Giroux reclaims the Kansas City Championship

 Sabra Black is KCXW’s longest-tenured women’s wrestler, and she has been begging for “a bigger challenge” for a long time now.  In Sabra’s mind, the women who have come and gone in KCXW have not been worthy of her efforts.  At Mayhem, Sabra Black got the challenge of a lifetime:  an eight-woman tournament, culminating in a grueling fatal four-way match, to crown the first-ever KCXW Women’s Champion. 

The tournament survivors making up the fatal four-way match were Sabra herself; Bra’nae, Sabra’s current archrival in KCXW; Tootie Lynn Ramsey, a dynamic up-and-comer from St. Louis; and Big Bang Roni Nicole, one of the best women’s wrestlers in the country with experience wrestling in Japan.  The match was an epic free-for-all, and it ended with Sabra Black emerging victorious as KCXW’s first Women’s Champion.  After years of taking on all comers representing women’s wrestling in Kansas City, Sabra had earned a championship belt.

Sabra Black is first KCXW Womens Champ

Neither Hollis Giroux nor Sabra Black will have long to enjoy their belts before the time comes to put them on the line.  Sabra will defend the Women’s Championship against Bra’nae in a singles match at KCXW: Xtreme Heat on June 9th.  Sabra and Bra’nae have faced off several times, both earning victories against the other.  Sabra is confident, but she will need to be prepared for anything at Xtreme Heat. 

To see Sabra Black defend the Women's Championship against Bra'nae, click here for tickets to KCXW: Xtreme Heat on June 9th at State Street Project in Kansas City, KS!  Check out all of our scheduled KCXW pro wrestling events here!

Sabra Black will face Branae at Xtreme Heat

Hollis will face Cornelius Wyverstone, the #1 contender and Captain of Season of Xcellence team The Carnival, at KCXW: Kansas City Classic on July 14th.  Wyverstone will give an exclusive interview to KCXW’s James Taylor at Xtreme Heat, and it will be interesting to see how he intends to balance his efforts to captain The Carnival as well as his title shot.  Regardless, Wyverstone is a wily, unpredictable wrestler, and Hollis Giroux will need to be ready for anything.

To see Hollis Giroux face Cornelius Wyverstone for the Kansas City Championship, click here for tickets to KCXW: Kansas City Classic on July 14th at State Street Project in Kansas City, KS!  Check out all of our scheduled KCXW pro wrestling events here!

Hollis Giroux will face Cornelius Wyverstone at KC Classic


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