KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Bigg Dogg & The Pack
31 March 2016

KCXW: Season Of Xcellence Team Captain Spotlight - Bigg Dogg & The Pack

Welcome to the latest installment of a series highlighting the team captains of the inaugural Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling Season Of Xcellence.  Between now and the Draft Event on April 9th, we will take a look at each of the five team captains, asking the key questions and breaking down their chances for the 2016 Season Of Xcellence.  Now presenting:  Bigg Dogg.

By Nate W. Gearhart (@nategearhart)

Midwest wrestling fans know all about Bigg Dogg the professional wrestler.  He is a champion and a fan favorite who respects the rules.  As arguably the biggest and strongest competitor in Kansas City Xtreme Wrestling, he is intimidating and even a little cocky in the ring.  But what do we know about Bigg Dogg the leader?  We will soon find out, because Bigg Dogg is the captain of The Pack, one of five teams competing for the title of Team Xcellence in the first-ever KCXW Season of Xcellence. 

Bigg Dogg has been a world champion, but to come out on top this year he will have to be more than a great wrestler – he will also need to be a great leader.  On April 9th at the 2016 Season of Xcellence Draft Event at Aftershock Live Music Venue, we will get our first taste of what kind of leader he can be.  There, he must assemble a championship-caliber team.  Can Captain Dogg bring himself to draft the best man available every time, regardless of that man’s take on the rules, or their history as competitors?  If he hopes to have a chance of winning the title of Team Xcellence, he’d better. Because Kyle King, captain of The Stranglers, certainly will.  And you better believe Street Kings Captain Angel Medina will, too.    

Consider “Nature’s Fury” J.C. Thunder, instance.  He and Bigg Dogg have a history, and it is not a friendly one.  But if Bigg Dogg could inspire J.C. to follow him and work together with him, then they could be formidable teammates.  I can’t help but be intrigued by the idea of a team that includes the size and power of both Bigg Dogg and J.C. Thunder.  Or, consider the combined experience and ring savvy of Bigg Dogg and “Smooth as Satin” David Cattin.  Can David Cattin be led?  If so, is Bigg Dogg the man to lead him?  These are questions that could give Bigg Dogg pause on Draft Night.  There is no question as to Cattin’s wrestling ability.  Cattin and Bigg Dogg working together as a team, with their combined ring experience, would spell trouble for any opponent.  Now just imagine Bigg Dogg, J.C. Thunder, and Cattin on a team together.  The three of them share enough power, experience, intelligence, and pure wrestling ability to take on any challengers in a fair fight, not to mention the occasional unfair one.  Because after all, J.C. Thunders is not above an unfair fight.  This is an edge that Bigg Dogg might need, the kind of edge he won’t get from drafting a team full of goody two-shoes like Tribal Warrior and Purple Phoenix.

Bigg Dogg will be looking for not just the best wrestlers, but the smartest.  The results of some of his 2015 KCXW matches will ensure that.  Last May at KCXW: Wrestling Reborn, he faced The Marksman and dominated for most of the match.  He spent ten minutes demonstrating superior power and ring experience, only to be caught off-guard and rolled up for a three-count and loss.  Fans will remember his September match against Chaos at the Destiny event ended with similar results – a Bigg Dogg rally cut short by a schoolboy rollup to give Chaos the win.  You’d better believe he will remember these matches when he’s deciding who to draft.  I don’t think he’s going to care if the smartest wrestler available happens to have lower moral standards, if that man is unlikely to get caught up in a small package and lose his team a point.  He could even end up drafting The Marksman himself, just to avoid a potentially embarrassing repeat of Wrestling Reborn.

It's one thing for Bigg Dogg to draft wrestlers who thrive on the wrong side of the rules.  Can Bigg Dogg get men like J.C. Thunder, David Cattin, and The Marksman onboard with his vision of what Team Xcellence should be?  Believe it or not, I really think he can.  Here’s the thing:  Bigg Dogg is a big man, but he is not some lumbering dummy.  He’s a smart wrestler who can and does get inside his opponent’s head.  He’s no cheater and he doesn’t play tricks.  But he does play head games, maybe better than anyone in KCXW.  The man himself may never admit this, but I think Bigg Dogg the wrestler is more savvy than clean.  Personally, I think he’s going to draft the best man, the smartest man, every time.  And if there is a man drafted to The Pack who is willing to get his hands dirty, I bet his captain will give him the green light.

So then, what kind of leader is Bigg Dogg going to be in the 2016 Season of Xcellence?  I think I already know.  At Aftershock on April 9th, Bigg Dogg’s fans will begin to find out, and I think they’re going to be surprised.


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