Don't Miss the Season of Xcellence Showcase at KCXW: April SLAM!


KCXW: April SLAM! 

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No April Fools in telling you that we will have EXPLOSIVE action inside the Alamo Drafthouse with KCXW. The Season of Xcellence rolls on with new team The Standard squaring off against our reigning Season of Xcellence champions; Kyle King and the Stranglers. Plus another Kansas City Championship title defense and much more - The only fools are the ones that Miss. This. Show.

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KCXW: April SLAM Sunday, April 9th at 6 PM Get Tickets

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KCXW: Second Sundays - KC Classic Sunday, June 11th at 6 PM Get Tickets

KCXW: Second Sundays July 9th at 6PM Get Tickets