Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 275 lbs
Hometown: The Missouri Bootheel
Signatures: Catatonic
      Spine Buster
                     Atomic Face Crusher

Genesis grew up in the sticks.  He came by his awesome strength honestly, through hard work and daily heavy lifting.  He has always been dedicated to himself – always working his hardest to be the strongest and the best, no matter who got in his way.  He eventually trained in mixed martial arts, and quickly developed into a formidable fighter.  When he was offered the opportunity to train as a professional wrestler, he jumped at the chance.  Before long, he found himself learning with trainers he had seen wrestle on TV when he was a child.  They inspired him to fight hard, for the fans as well as for himself.

Now in KCXW, Genesis puts his all into every match for the fans of professional wrestling.  But he has learned something about himself along the way, something his trainers did not teach:  if there’s one thing Genesis loves more than wrestling, it’s making fans angry.  To him, a booing fan is an entertained fan.  He will never be accused of being boring as long as he is drawing heat – and he thrives on heat.  So go ahead and boo Genesis, the “Heel of Heels”.  It only encourages him.