Height: 6’ 0”
Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: Kansas City, MO near Beardsley Road
Signatures: The Crucifix
                     “See No Speak No Hear No Evil”


Born Kyle King, the man now known as Black Jesus noticed several similarities between himself and the biblical Christ.  He didn't know his father, he didn't do anything from 18 to 30, and he certainly had his feet washed by a whore or two. Based on these facts, and his innate desire to preach his gospel to anyone within earshot, he re­christened himself Black Jesus (or Negro Christo to speak more to groups he feels are "left behind").  

From what can be gathered, this man's goal is to bring the true enlightenment to the world. If not through his words alone, then through his actions in the ring.  And when Kyle King steps in the ring, the world notices.  An imposing combination of raw power and cunning technique, Kyle is a formidable foe no matter who he faces.

Kyle King had arguably the best year of any KCXW wrestler in 2016.  As captain of The Stranglers in the Season of Xcellence, Kyle led his team to the title of Team Xcellence.  Kyle proved himself as a born leader – a constant presence who both inspires and drives his team to be the best that they can possibly be.  In 2017, he will once again captain The Stranglers, and it is hard to bet against him going all the way again.  He has already competed in the 2017 Kansas City Champion Tournament, where he suffered a shocking and brutal loss to JC Thunder after a sneak attack with a chair.  But if there is a man who will prove to be a perennial contender for the new title, it is Kyle King.