Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 227 lbs
Hometown: Sacred Valley, USA
Signatures: Split Decision

A KCXW favorite, the “Tribal Warrior” Angel Skycall is a man proud of
his heritage. A 13 year veteran of mat wars, Skycall has a goal to be
the first Native American World Champion. Looking at his track record,
he may very well be on path to reach that goal. Living by the famous
quote “Better to die in battle than to grow old”, Skycall gives all he
has into every match.

Heading into 2016, the “Tribal Warrior” prepares for a different war.
With the wrestlers of KCXW allying with each other and forming bands,
one wonders whom Skycall will be willing to have fight by his side.
One thing is for sure, this Warrior is a survivor. Expect to see
Angel Skycall continue to take the midwest wrestling scene by storm in