Height: 6'3"
Weight: 400 lbs
Hometown: Under the MLK Bridge
Signatures:  Fire Thunder Driver
                     Diving Headbutt
                     Fall Away Pump Handle Slam


Though Troll has made his presence known in KCXW from the beginning, there is
still little that we actually know about this mysterious figure. Attempts to communicate
with this beast of a man have proven painful and hazardous for any who have tried.
From the few words he has uttered, it is clear that this creature follows only himself
and his dark master.

What is known is the path of destruction that Troll consistently leaves in his wake.
From city to city and state to state, The Unmerciful One lays waste to the competition
fed to him in sacrifice. As Troll continues his conquest through KCXW, no one is safe
from his warpath.